• Oso P. K. Department of Educational Foundations Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo


Sustainable Development, Employment, Nigeria


Sustainable development means that people should often be mindful of economic, social and environmental activities on the ecosystem of our nation and people should also make effort to maximize the value they add to the environment while reducing any adverse implications that can affect the natural resources people consume and other activities in the environment. However, this paper attempts to examine the critical issues in sustainable development through employment in Nigeria. To achieve this, the definition of sustainable development, the concept of sustainable development, the goals of sustainable development and the challenges of sustainable development were given. The need for employment was also highlighted before the exposition on the challenges of employment opportunity in Nigeria.  It was concluded that there is need for sustenance of reforms on the part of government since a good reform is capable of making serious impact on entrepreneurship skills which is the catalyst of national development. The paper recommended that job creation should be regarded as a priority in government programmes and plans in order to address the gap between available job opportunities and job seekers in Nigeria.  Indeed, there should be establishment of small-scale enterprises such as petty-trading as well as some businesses such as sales of phones and its accessories which will go a long way in combating unemployment among the people, hence, contributing to the sustainable development. Finally, preference should be given to human development since, it is noted that they are the factor that will bring the best of infrastructures and other resources meant for sustainable development.




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