Perceptual Evaluation of the Factors Affecting the Maintenance of High-rise Residential Buildings in Lagos, Nigeria


  • J. O. Ogunbiyi deparment of estate management university of ibadan
  • F. G. Adeleke deparment of estate management university of ibadan
  • O. M. Odachi deparment of estate management university of ibadan


maintenance management, factors, residential, Challenges


Maintenance of buildings, especially high-rise types, poses a major challenge to resident property managers who are saddled with the responsibility of sustaining property value, building quality, and users’ satisfaction. This is without prejudice to particular factors that affect the condition of such building development. Hence, this study had the general objective of determining the factors that challenge the maintenance of high-rise residential buildings. Case study research design was adopted using a high-rise, multi-tenanted residential development in Lagos, Nigeria. Total enumeration survey and questionnaire administration was undertaken on respondents in the 155 residential units in the case study. The survey had 85.81% (133) return rate and the data derived from duly completed copies of the questionnaire were analysed using descriptive statistics. Major findings of the study suggest that design and poor workmanship, inadequate construction supervision, low quality of original construction, wear and tear, as well as ageing are the key factors that affect the condition of the high-rise residential development. Moreover, variables such as delay in carrying out repair works, service charge administration, outsourcing of services, disconnect between owners and managers, as well as late response to complaints are indicated as posing the major challenges to maintenance management of the high-rise building. This study adopts a case study approach; however, it does not limit the insights and the positive contributions to knowledge therefrom. The study provides significant information that could guide the maintenance decision-making of built-environment professionals with regards to factors of building condition and challenges of maintenance management of high-rise buildings. Also, this study constitutes a significant contribution to the subject of maintenance and management of high-rise buildings in emerging economies like Nigeria.