Optimising Sawdust and Steel Fibre Ratios for Enhanced Compressive Strength in Sustainable Cement Composites


  • O.A. Obakin Department of Architecture, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria


compressive Strength , Sawdust, Steel Fibres, optimization


The construction industry's increasing commitment to environmental responsibility and the preservation of resources has accentuated the essential role of sustainable building materials. This study investigated the optimisation of sawdust and steel fibre ratios to enhance the compressive strength of sustainable cement composites. The experimental results indicate that the compressive strength consistently improved over a period of 28 days, irrespective of the quantities of steel fibres and sawdust added. The control beams achieved a compressive strength of 31.92 MPa. The study revealed that an increase in sawdust content led to a decrease in compressive strength, while higher proportions of steel fibres led to increased strength. The highest strength of 38.14 MPa was observed in the group with 1.0% steel fibre and no sawdust. These findings offer valuable insights into optimising sustainable concrete mixtures, emphasising the intricate balance between sawdust and steel fibres in enhancing compressive strength while promoting eco-friendly construction practices