Comparative Use of ICTs Among Extension Workers in Research Institutes, Public and Private Extension Agencies in Oyo State.
Nkwocha C. A. and Adekoya A. E


Private extension,
ICT use among extension workers.


Nkwocha C. A. and Adekoya A. E.

Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, University of Ibadan.
[email protected]



The study determined the extent of use of ICTs among extension workers in research institutes, Public (ADP) and the Private extension agencies in Oyo State. Simple random sampling technique was used to select 80% of the respondents from each extension agency to make up a sample size of 123 respondents for the study. A structured questionnaire was then administered to collect relevant data. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. About half (49.6%) of the respondents fell within the ages of 30-39, while one-third (33.3%) were within the ages of 40-49. Majority (35.0%) of the respondents had B.Sc and degrees (30.9%). About two-third (68.3%) of the respondents had a working experience of between 1-10 years. Almost all the extension workers in the ADP (97.6%), in the private extension agencies (100.0%) and in research institutes (87.5%) owned and used mobile phones for their official duties. Inadequate electricity (77.2%) and high cost of ICT materials (61.8%) were the major constraints faced by extension workers in the use of ICTs. There was a significant difference in the extent of use of ICTs among extension workers in the public (ADP), private and research institutes. The
private extension agencies were found to be more ICT inclined than the extension workers in the research institutes and the ADP. Therefore, training and retraining of extension staff especially in the area of ICT utilization should be encouraged.

Nkwocha C. A. and Adekoya A. E