Building Penetration Loss in the Cellular Radio Environment: A Case Study of Mud, Concrete, Brick and Metal Materials


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Building Penetration loss, GSM 1800MHz, UMTS 2100MHz, Signal Propagation, RSSI


Adeseko, A. A., Azeez, O. N. and Onidare, S. O.
Department of Telecommunication Science,
University of Ilorin, Nigeria.
A study of building penetration loss in the frequency bands of GSM 1800MHz and UMTS 2100MHz, of two different operators,
using four building materials (Brick, Concrete, Mud, and Metal) within Ilorin metropolis, was undertaken and presented in this
work. The corresponding results were obtained from a significant set of empirical data taken at the above-stated frequency bands
and building materials during exhaustive indoor and outdoor measurement campaign carried out within the Ilorin metropolis.
The results show an average penetration loss in GSM 1800MHz, 0.77dBm, 0.62dBm, 1.43dBm, 0.91dBm for Concrete, Brick,
metal and Mud respectively, while in UMTS 2100MHz, an average penetration loss of 0.66dBm, 0.64dBm.1.70dBm, 1.04dBm
for Concrete, Brick, Metal, and Mud respectively, were recorded. Results further established that penetration loss increases with
increasing frequency.