Data Over-Collection Reduction Model Using Security Level Analysis and Data Access Status Technique


  • Akomolafe Patrick Oladeji Department of Computer Science, University of Ibadan
  • Aasa Solomon Oluwadamilare Department of Computer Science, University of Ibadan


Data over collection, Smart phones, , Data privacy, Data security


In smart Environments, different citizens tend to store data in electronic devices in order to make everything
intelligent and easy. A smartphone for example is the most widely used electronic device and it is the hinge of all
smart environs which is still not capable of handling users’ sensitive data, and they (users) face the fear of data
and privacy leakage due to data over-collection. We develop a data over-collection reduction model to reduce data
over collection in smart phones while still within permission scope. We take emphasis to the current state of data
over-collection and as well some of the most frequent data over-collected cases. We present a framework, which
is an alternative approach to that of Li, et. al. [1] (mobile-cloud framework) to reduce data over-collection. Using
our framework, the permission to data from different applications was limited to the data required by the
application to perform its function. Also, the security risk posed by the application due to the probability of over
collecting data reduced compared to that of Li, et. al. [1].