An Enhanced Security Measure to Eradicate Examination Malpractice in Nigerian Universities: A Biometric Authentication Approach


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Iris recognition, Examination malpractice, Enrolment and verification, Data Security


Examination malpractice has eaten deep into the fabrics of Nigerian educational system to the extent that the credibility of certificates issued by the Universities is now in doubt. Impersonation as a type of examination malpractice is the core focus of this study where one claims to be another person. Impersonation is difficult to detect with mere traditional method of authentication. The objective of the study is to introduce Iris Recognition Technology (IRT) in addition to the traditional method already in use in the universities to identify candidates for examinations. Iris recognition as a method of biometric authentication is pattern-recognition technique based on high-resolution images of the irises of an individual’s eye. Iris is the best in terms of accuracy and security enhancement among other types of Biometrics. The enrolment and verification are done within the database and consist of the following steps: (a) Photo Capture (b) Iris Image acquisition (c) Pupil detection and Iris localization (d) Iris Normalization (e) Feature extraction (f) Matching-Accept or reject. The integration of IRT will generate an effective means of student identification, weeding out impersonators who pose as examination candidates and further protect the integrity of the Nigerian Educational System.

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