Knowledge Management in Software Testing


  • Ibitowa, F. O
  • Akinola, S. O.


Software testing, Knowledge Management,, Software developers,, Knowledge Management Practices


Software testing aids in the assessment and improvement of software quality. Software testers employ a variety of techniques to uncover more defects with the least amount of labour even though the testing necessitates a lot of knowledge. Since adherence to Knowledge Management concepts can assist software testing professionals in their advancement of knowledge reuse, sharing, and testing process, this study is therefore aimed at identifying the Knowledge Management practices in software development organizations
as well as to ascertain whether Knowledge Management has benefitted the organizations. To realise this goal, a survey was conducted among fifteen software developers from fifteen software development organizations. Descriptive and inferential statistics were employed using simple descriptive statistics and crosstabs. This study found out that the software developers are familiar with the Knowledge Management concepts and six Knowledge Management. These are knowledge acquisition, creation, sharing, storage, organization and application. The study also shows that Knowledge Management has made organizations developing software improve in their software testing processes by saving time and avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel as well as increased their level of productivity.