Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Software Integration Testing Techniques


  • Akinsola, J. E. T
  • Adeagbo, M. A
  • Abdul-Yakeen S. O
  • Onipede, F. O.
  • Yusuf A. A.


Acceptance testing, Integration testing, Rational integration tester, Software testing, System testing, Unit testing


Software testing is one of the core processes in software engineering. There are different types of testing which are unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing. This study focusses on integration testing, its advantages, disadvantages, areas of application, guidelines, tools and approaches to attain a quality software. This study addressed the issue of determining which approach to use for a particular software project. Explicit characteristics of each approach were elucidated. Comparative analysis was carried out to determine the best and suitable approach of integration testing regarding a software project using twenty-six classification
characteristics. TESSY, FitNesse, Rational Integration Tester are examples of automated tools for software integration testing discussed in this study. Unambiguous areas of application of protractor, rational integration tester and TESSY were discussed as well. The study therefore, recommends the use of machine learning paradigms for quantitative computation of the best software integration testing for further studies.