Development of A Honeyed Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm


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Cipher-text,, Encode Distribution, Encode Distribution Transforming Encoder (DTE), Encrypt and Decrypt,, AES,, Honey Encryption


Asoro, B. O. Emezue,

H. C. Osunade, O.,

Department of Computer Science,

University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria


The rate at which Information is transmitted over the Internet (which is an open channel to all) keeps increasing in recent times. It has become very important for users to make use of encryption schemes that will protect their information from unauthorized parties. This research work presents an easy and safe encryption algorithm for data security since data encrypted with this system cannot be read, edited or copied through illegal access. It provides a middle ground for both speed and security of data regardless of the key strength used for encryption of data. With the use of this improved Honeyed Advanced Encryption Standard (HAESA), attackers will only access plausible looking messages called honeyed messages. These honeyed messages are meant to thwart the effort of any illegal access to this system. Honeyed messages are provided by the user of this system. The strength of HAESA lies in the fact that only the actual seeds are encrypted with AES after it must have been encoded with DTE to messages. On decryption, the message will only be displayed to the intended recipient with the right key. From the evaluation results, it was noted that this algorithm assured faster data encryption and decryption time. This research work made use of parameters like throughput and speed