A Model for Creating Exact Colour Spectrum for Image Forensic


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Colour database, Colour identification, Colour models



Colour identification plays a very important role in the everyday life of people because it occasionally assists people with the identification of objects from a scene. Unfortunately, individuals view colours differently based on their colour vision type, thus a match between exact colour sample and a visual appearance is almost impossible. In this work, an algorithm was designed and implemented to generate the complete colour samples in the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) colour model. A total of 16,777,216 colour samples, including their visual presentations and corresponding RGB codes, were created and stored in a colour database. An XML file that contains codes vis-à-vis the actual names of the colours was also created. Mapping between visual representation and the exact colour was achieved with a degree of variation. This will enable researchers to have a complete view of colours based on the RGB colour code

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