A Model for Youth Empowerment Using Cloud Computing Technology


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Cloud computing, Youth empowerment, Collaboration


 Akinwunmi, A. O., Akinboro, S. A. and Owoeye, M. O.

1. Bowen University, Iwo, Nigeria 2. Adeleke University, Ede, Nigeria 3. Bowen University, Iwo, Nigeria akinwale.akinwunmi@bowen.edu.ng akinboro2002@yahoo.com olumide.owoeye@bowen.edu.ng


Cloud computing has a lot of opportunities to offer for youth empowerment and can provide a means of living for youths. This study considered the prospects of using cloud computing as a tool for youth empowerment. The social action model and economic empowerment were adopted for the formulation of the conceptual model. The study highlighted some of the opportunities provided by the cloud for empowerment and also presented cloudbased empowerment ideas. A proof of the conceptual model validation by the survey indicated that 92% of the respondents agreed that the cloud-based services give them the opportunities to learn new ideas, explore them, create other new ideas and collaborate with your peers on these ideas while 8% disagreed. Further statistical analysis of the model data from the survey showed that the R-squared value of 1 was realized for a polynomial regression of empowerment determinant as a function of user experience of cloud-based services, this validated the fact that the model can aid youth empowerment. In conclusion, cloud computing can effectively aid the youths to learn, explore, create and collaborate on new skills that can be beneficial to them in various ramifications thereby engaging them for a useful and productive lifestyle that can make the society a better place