An Appraisal of the Nigerian Terrorism (Prevention) (Amendment) Act, 2013 and the Boko Haram Insurgence in Northern Nigeria


  • Aondofa Aligba


This article is undertaken to address the problem of terrorist attacks in Nigeria, particularly the Boko Haram insurgence in
the Northern part of Nigeria, which has resulted into the destruction of innocent lives and properties, distorted law and
order in this part of the country and has continued to send waves of terror to the minds of the people in the area. In the article, the basic concepts that form the topic are defined, followed by a trace of the origin of terrorist acts in Nigeria and what has being
done in the context of the law to provide the legal mechanism that will be utilized in fighting and suppressing the increasing
incidence of terrorists invasions in Nigeria. The article also contain a critical examination of the existing legal framework in
fighting terrorism in Nigeria, including Boko Haram, as well as, the social measures that are evolved by the state in combating
the ugly phenomenon in the country. It is ended with solutions which the writer feel will assist the nation in effectively suppressing the current waves of Boko Haram invasions in some of the states of Northern Nigeria.