Enforcement Provisions of Major Environmental Law Regimes in Nigeria


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The world has been witnessing alarming increase in environmental problems, ranging from the depletion of the ozone
layer and green-house effect, global climate changes or global warming, causing the melting of article ice, resulting in floods,
with acid rain resulting from gas flaring, oil pollution, deforestation, plant and animal extinction and to all other forms
of environmental degrading activities of man. Our environment is faced with the twin pressure of population and development,
resulting in its deterioration and depletion of the natural resources at an alarming rate. Besides the traditional pollutants,
the strain of unchecked effluents and emissions from hazardous industries has caused pollution of the environment and
consequent human health hazards. The reckless industrial growth may lead to an over exploitation and destruction of
natural resources to such an extent that our future generation may discover that life support system has been damaged beyond
repair. Therefore, there is a need for striking a balance between environment and development so that we may have sustainable
development? . In recognition of the above challenges, the international community, including Nigeria, has adopted an avalanche of legislation to stem the menace of environmental degradation. Some of the legal regimes are international conventions, while others are laws. In these regimes there are provisions for enforcement of the conventions. This work takes a critical look at two international and three domestic laws put in place to address the above challenges. The effectiveness or otherwise of the enforcement provisions of such conventions and laws would also be the concern of this paper