Development of Smart Intelligent Walking Aid 3rd Eye for the Blind Using Ultrasonic Sensor


Ardu?n?, Wearable band, Buzzer, Blind people, Traditional white cane


Laser canes, traditional white canes, guide dogs, Mowat sensor, talking signs and sonar systems have been used by those who are visually impaired (blind) but possess some drawbacks. The main focus of this research is to develop a device meant for the blind to navigate nearby obstacles called the “Third eye” that will notify the blind of any obstruction ahead by signaling a beep or vibration with design, experimental and implementation analysis. Third Eye is a wearable device based on five modules that is built from an Arduino Pro Mini 328- 15/16MHz board equipped with ultrasonic sensors, a vibrating motor, a buzzer, a power bank, a battery, etc. The device was subjected to test on a visually impaired person. Findings revealed that as the distance between the blind and obstacles decreases, the intensity of the vibration and the device’s beeping rate increases. Third Eye device proved effective, requires little training to use and enhances the confidence of the user thereby giving it an edge.