About the Journal


Ibadan Planning Journal

Ibadan Planning Journal (IPJ), an international interdisciplinary journal, is designed to stimulate scholarly discussions, exchange information and encourage co-operation among academics and professionals in the field of Urban and Regional Planning throughout the world. This academic reference Journal disseminates interesting original works in urban and regional development planning. It features articles, book reviews, dissertation abstracts, conference reports and announcements. Two issues of IPJ are published annually, in May and November, by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Environmental Design and Management, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Thematic Areas
Contributions are solicited from a multidisciplinary and mixed group of key academics, resource persons,
policy intellectuals, professionals, graduate students, politicians as well as sociopolitical activists, concerned
individuals and institutions who offer insight into the various dimensions of urban and regional planning.
Papers that refer to both theoretical principles and practical experiences are highly encouraged. The Journal
solicits for academic and technical papers of the highest quality in the following thematic areas:

  •  Environmental (and Resources) Planning and Management
  • Health Planning
  • Housing and Urban Development
  •  Planning Methodology
  •  Professional Planning Practice
  •  Planning History and Theory
  • Regional Development Planning
  • Rural and Community Development Planning
  • Transportation Planning and Logistics Management
  • Urban and Regional Planning Information System
  •  Urban Design
  • Urban Safety and Security