• N. Osadolor University of Benin, Benin City
  • S. O. Okos-Iboje


Germination, Annona muricata, Scarification, Seedling, Growth


This study assessed the effect of pre-germination treatments on seed germination and early growth of Annona muricata seedlings. Six pre-germination treatments: seeds soaked in water (at room temperature of 30°C) for 24 hours (T1) and 48 hours (T2), scarification (T3), soaked in concentrated H2SO4 for 5 minutes (T4) and 10 minutes (T5), and untreated (T6/control), were used in a completely randomized design experiment, replicated five times. The treated seeds were sown and germination rate, seedling height, collar diameter, number of leaves, and biomass (fresh and dry weight) were monitored. Data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Germination started twenty-eight (28) days after sowing and lasted for 45 days. The T2 seeds had the highest germination rate (97%), followed by T5 seeds (87%) while seeds soaked in T1 had the least (20%). Early growth revealed a significant difference among the different pre-treatments. The highest (13.93 cm) seedling height was obtained for T1, while T6 had the least (9.72 cm). Seeds in T2 had the highest collar diameter (0.76 mm) while T1 had the highest number of leaves (7.39). Seedlings from different treatments significantly differed in fresh and dry weight, root length and lateral roots. Soaking of seeds in water for 48 hours (at room temperature) was most suitable for germination of Annona muricata, while soaking in concentrated H2SO4 for 10 minutes was also effective.


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